Alexander Blackstone

arrogant, happy-go-lucky beast. In early to mid-twenties


Information Broker, friend to all who consider themselves family

Family/Hunger: Ugallu/Collector


Alex is your average College graduate, with the added benefits of both being a beast and having the habit of buying and selling information for a partial living. he truly believes that family comes first, and for him that is almost all creatures of the world, even if his arrogance of being the ‘big brother’ doesnt always show it that way.

weirdly enough, though, he is not a part of the accords. if ever asked this, his answer usually is “too much work being the referee between family.”

he can usually be seen at the college, eye of the storm, or at big rico’s where he works part time.

What People Say
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What he says

  • Werewolves: finish your temper tantrum, then we’ll talk.
  • Mages: ironically, if you guys werent so damn secretive, we’d be cool. i got some secrets as well, if you wanna trade
  • Vampires: (in a sarcastic tone) oh! yes, your majesty! whatever you say!

Alexander Blackstone

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