Keith Stone

large in height and muscle, yet the most friendly person you will ever meet. easily in mid to late 40's

Local UPS Driver

Public Stats: Giant

When a package needs to be delivered, he’ll be there. when an argument needs to be resolved, he’ll be there. when you need a smile put on your face, he’ll be there. he is Keith Stone! Local UPS Driver for normanburg.

as a normal human, he is not an accorded member, and does not even know anything about the accords. in fact, despite having some vague connections and familiarities with many members of the accords, as well as impeccable timing to strange things happening, he doesnt know anything that is going on behind the shadows.


What People Know

UPS Driver: as far as most people know, he has been a driver there from as afar back as anyone remembers Keith. he is the best at what he does, and he enjoys every minute of it.

What They Say:

(Please add anything, NPC and PC, to this to add flavor of what might be said of Keith)

What He Says

  • Vampires: i think tom Cruise was my favorite
  • Werewolves: what, like dogmen in wisonsin?
  • Demons: yea, im not that religious, so you can believe what you want about angels and demons
  • Mages: again, not too religious, so if you wanna be wiccan, im cool with that.

Keith Stone

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