Miles Bachman

A tall man with a square frame and a tangled mess of red hair. He rarely speaks, but speaks with intention when he does.


Abnormally prominent neonate, known informant for the prince


Miles is an unassuming man, always quiet and polite, but with an unnerving habit of appearing in unexpected places with very little warning. He’s rarely seen without a notebook, filled with an indecipherable shorthand script, and tends to spend most of his time around other vampires. Whatever it is that he takes notes on, it’s generally understood that he’s reporting it back to Robert Dewalt, and on the occasions that people have gotten him to discuss what he’s investigating they have found him to be a wellspring of information about supernatural people all over the city.

What They Say

  • “There’s something he’s hiding from everyone, even the prince’s court. A mysterious group of mortals that he sneaks off and talks to every now and then, I bet they’re feeding him everything he knows”
  • “He claims he never knew his sire, which ought to be next to impossible on its own, but on top of that I know a guy who tried to trace him back to where he came from. He supposedly died years ago, with pictures from the funeral and everything. Couldn’t find evidence that the burial ground was disturbed either”
  • “For a neonate, he seems to be working pretty closely with the prince. Makes you wonder why he hasn’t flipped to anyone else with a better offer. Then again, who says he hasn’t yet?”

Miles Bachman

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