Beasts: Beasts generally attach themselves to the political structure and interests of the family members with whom they feel closest, with the factions they attach themselves to generally having uncomfortably mixed feelings on the matter. Two major broods mark the only true exceptions to this, one a handful of younger beasts that are trying to make a name for themselves as the city's new boogeymen, the apex of fear and legend. The other, an older brood whose original membership has been lost to heroes, carries the legacy of the founders of the peace accords that bind the city's supernatural population together and takes responsibility for holding the various supernatural factions in the city together despite the constant friction between them. 

Vampires: The local governance in town is very one of the longest reigning princes in the region, Prince Robert Dewalt is charming and genial. He gives the appearance of being a figurehead oftentimes, broadly affirming his support to whoever comes to him and then directing them to his put-upon seneschal for the hard truth. Anyone who's given him more than a passing investigation can easily find he's been active behind the scenes for as long as the city has stood. His support comes primarily from the more conservative covenants. With the growing popularity of the Carthian Movement in the city and the vampire population swiftly eclipsing their feeding grounds, many are beginning to suggest that the best way he could serve the community now is by quietly stepping down.

Werewolves: Although rarely regarded as a unified group, the werewolves in the city collectively represent a significant force within the city. The majority of the city's packs are generally tolerant of other groups living in or passing through their territory, and that territory is widely considered safe ground for monsters in the city to meet and work so long as they don't make trouble. Oftentimes rival groups have meetings overseen by one or more werewolves in the pack's territory, on the understanding that if it comes to violence it won't matter who threw the first punch because the werewolf will be the one to throw the last. The werewolves have no recognized leader, but the alpha of the largest pack in the city, Donald Samson, comes close. He's easily the strongest werewolf in the city, and his pack is the primary bulwark between the city and the many Pure packs that surround it. Not everyone likes him, but nobody argues the importance of the role they play.

Mages: Magi are, on the whole, an eclectic bunch, but the one thing they all seem to have in common is that they're busy, organized and don't seem to like each other very much. Rigidly hierarchal, everyone is reporting to someone and nobody has enough time to do everything they need. Competition to get ahead on their various mysteries and duties is odly fierce, and it's not unheard of for someone to take time away from her own work to sabotage another's. Even so, their contribution to the city's accorded factions are undeniable and they court deals and alliances more actively than anyone else. There's also a secondary faction of magi that has not signed onto the accords, and seems to have an ongoing feud with the majority of the city's magi.

Prometheans: There are relatively few settled Prometheans in town, but many congregate in secret under the city as they pass through the area, often finding their way down there through some strange system of graffiti symbols that they use to communicate with one another. The throngs that stay in the city full time are signed onto the accords and make it clear to anyone passing through that they are expected to abide by them if they want to make use of the undercity

Changelings: The changelings are an odd bunch, with an array of strange habits and rituals and an unusual habit of going from being very open and sociable to insular and paranoid on a dime. Their system of governance seems to hinge almost entirely on a giant stuffed fox tail that their leader carries around at all times, and they are shockingly quick to accept whoever holds it as their new king or queen. Every time someone tries to explain it they start with "once upon a time," at which point most people outside of particularly dedicated magi and the odd werewolf have trouble taking seriously.


Sin Eaters: Sin Eaters are a fairly rare phenomenon, but there's a smattering of them around the city. They don't have a centralized political system, and as such do not have a governing body to write them into the accords as a group, but it's not unheard of for another group to sponsor them and there are provisions for a larger krewe to sign on for themselves. As of right now only three krewes exist in the city: one composed largely of university faculty, one that keeps to the industrial areas of the southwest district and one that works closely with the magi in the central district.



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