• Alexander Blackstone

    Alexander Blackstone

    arrogant, happy-go-lucky beast. In early to mid-twenties
  • Keith Stone

    Keith Stone

    large in height and muscle, yet the most friendly person you will ever meet. easily in mid to late 40's
  • Sierra Nestor

    Sierra Nestor

    Willowy, athlethic, and somewhat meek. She appears to be in her early 20s and dyes her hair strange colors to match her purple-blue bichromatic eyes.
  • Aaliyah Keaton

    Aaliyah Keaton

    A lean athlete with curly, short hair and dark eyes who carries herself with confidence.
  • Aaron Parker

    Aaron Parker

    Trendily dressed African-American man with a warm, inspiring presence. He carries himself with purpose.
  • Agatha Greenwood

    Agatha Greenwood

    Wild-looking redhead with an athletic build. Her stance is tall and proud.
  • Anthony Juarez

    Anthony Juarez

    A young, bright eyed latino man with a fox tail keychain hanging from his belt
  • Christine Dewalt

    Christine Dewalt

    A professionally dressed woman in her 40's who has a pleasant demeanor, despite seeming perpetually exhausted.
  • Cynthia Clarke

    Cynthia Clarke

    An impeccably-dressed Chinese-American woman, who always seems to be on the move.
  • Dimitri Levingood

    Dimitri Levingood

    A man of European descent with a square jaw and stony face.
  • Donald Samson

    Donald Samson

    A rugged, bearded man with a large frame and imposing figure. Frequently dressed in sturdy outdoor clothing.
  • Dorothy Fredrickson

    Dorothy Fredrickson

    Frazzled with matching dark hair and eyes. While always busy maintaining her underground settlement, she has a sort of softness about her.
  • Fabiano Martinez

    Fabiano Martinez

    A distant man of Latin descent whose focus always seems as if it's elsewhere. He's cleanly dressed, but has traces of five o' clock shadow.
  • Jianyu Zhang

    Jianyu Zhang

    A lanky man bordering on skin-and-bones whose dyed-gray hair and round, metal spectacles make him stand out from the crowd.
  • Madeline McCollugh

    Madeline McCollugh

    An unhealthily thin girl with ashen skin and green eyes. While quiet, she has an intensity about her and an often-feral expression.
  • Matthew Brumfeld

    Matthew Brumfeld

    A handsome, imposing man with piercing eyes and a powerful voice
  • Maxine Montrose

    Maxine Montrose

    A sharply-dressed middle-aged woman with shoulder-length brown hair frequently pulled back.
  • Miles Bachman

    Miles Bachman

    A tall man with a square frame and a tangled mess of red hair. He rarely speaks, but speaks with intention when he does.
  • Mischa


    A somewhat stout man with a full beard whose expression usually ranges from distant to disinterested.
  • Nathan Manchester

    Nathan Manchester

    A handsome young man with a healthy, olive skin tone, shining brown eyes, and dark hair.
  • Raleigh Holt

    Raleigh Holt

    A clean-shaven, though somewhat plain looking man who's pale and sports striking blue eyes.
  • Richard Grossman

    Richard Grossman

    A young, affluent man known for exuberant, drug-fueled outbursts.
  • Robert DeWalt

    Robert DeWalt

    Tall, thin, and dark-haired. His posture exudes confidence and geniality.
  • Sandra Dumont

    Sandra Dumont

    A brunette with pale skin, often with tussed hair. She sports a steady gaze to match her solid, athletic frame.
  • The Seer

    The Seer

    A gaunt, pale ghost of a man whose clothes are dirty from perpetual skulking in and around the darkest reaches of the city.
  • Wen Shi

    Wen Shi

    A diminutive woman with chin-length black hair and dark, expressive eyes. She rarely speaks, but is not meek.
  • Xander Drake

    Xander Drake

    A very thin, very tall dark-skinned man who listens more often than he speaks.
  • Yasmin Ahmad

    Yasmin Ahmad

    A Middle Eastern woman with long-braided hair and an olive complexion. She stands tall and confident, and has an eclectic style of dress.