Aaliyah Keaton

A lean athlete with curly, short hair and dark eyes who carries herself with confidence.


Lone wolf, friend of werewolves
Family/Hunger: Anakim/Predator


Aaliyah feels kinship with werewolves and prefers to keep to their affairs, rather than the affairs of beasts. As such, she has no formal group and spends time with any werewolves who will accept her. While she has yet to find a pack that will formally accept her, her openness to anybody who speaks to her interest in fears has a powerful friend.

What people say:

  • “Beasts aren’t always too clear on fine political affiliations, I’m pretty sure she’s been just as friendly with the Pure as she has with our own accorded packs”
  • “She was talking most with the Red Line before they disappeared, sounds like they were getting ready to accept her into the pack when everything went south. Wonder if that’s related at all”
  • “She’s apparently learned a couple of really weird nightmares nobody else knows. Wonder what she was hanging out with to pick those up?”

What she says:

Aaliyah Keaton

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