Aaron Parker

Trendily dressed African-American man with a warm, inspiring presence. He carries himself with purpose.


Leader of the Free Council
Path/Order: Obrimos/Free Council


Aaron Parker has a distinct charisma about him that’s difficult to ignore, but he inherited a difficult situation in Normanburg. The Free Council never quite united with the Diamond Orders as it has in other cities. Members of the Free Council have it hard in Normanburg as a result, but he never seems deterred by it and is always willing to offer any mage that’s fallen afoul of other orders sanctuary with the order.

The Free Council has the misfortune of having never signed onto the accords. It’s not entirely clear why they won’t now, but they haven’t taken the opportunity to, at least at present.

What they say:

  • “Did you know that he’s absolutely brilliant? Yeah, he was an entrepreneur before he moved here and even had it cut out at Silicon Valley. With the shitty situation for the Free Council here, it makes me wonder why he moved here in the first place.”
  • “He came from a family who had nothing and had a meteoric rise to success even before awakening, kind of out of nowhere. Was there somebody pulling the strings behind that?”
  • “In a city where literally every other mage hates him, it’s something amazing that the Free Council hasn’t died an utterly painful death, yet. He’s got to be doing something remarkable to protect his order.”

What he says:

Aaron Parker

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