Agatha Greenwood

Wild-looking redhead with an athletic build. Her stance is tall and proud.


Former queen of the Valley Court
Seeming/Kith: Elemental/Chimera


Until just a month or so ago when Anthony stole her magic toy fox tail (which, again, is perfectly normal), Agatha was the reigning monarch of the freehold. Though she is no longer in power, Agatha is easily the most respected changeling in the city. When she speaks, they all listen, and she can supposedly get any of her friends to safe ground unreasonably fast when they’re in danger.

What people say:

  • “I was out hunting with the Club and Fang and we found some of the pure chasing her in the national park. No idea what she thought she was doing out there, but they chased her into a ranger station. I followed inside but they all seemed to vanish. Wrote her off as a loss, but a couple minutes later she came out with bloodstains on her shirt and they… didn’t come out at all.”
  • “She had some kind of hush hush agreement with the mages that kept things nice and friendly between them. Don’t know what she promised them or what she got out of it, but I know for damn sure that the new kid isn’t in on it”
  • “I hear that she’s got the most magically potent locations in the city marked out, and picked the biggest, nicest one for her own place. Don’t know if it’s true, but enough people want in on it that it’s gotta have some truth to it.”

What she says:

Agatha Greenwood

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