Ashford Powell


Bartender at the Eye of the Storm
More commonly known as: Barkeep
Affiliation: None


As the owner and proprietor of the Eye of the Storm, he controls the most influential sanctuary space for the supernatural community in the city. You can have a conversation about anything you want right next to a booth full of mortals and nobody will seem to notice or care, and when your home isn’t safe to return to he always has some extra rooms upstairs for the city’s monsters and the people they associate with. As he likes to put it, the eye is always open to all those whose eyes are open.

What they say:

  • “He and Prince Dewalt talk awfully casually. It’s… actually super weird, I don’t think I’ve seen the prince talking to anyone like that other than Fabiano and… maybe his favorite ghoul? There’s gotta be something up there”
  • “To all appearances, he’s mortal. And when I say “mortal” I mean… there’s nothing special about him. He’s not psychic, a ghoul, or anything else really. Yet, he provides service for all of us, and he’s respected in much the same way as any accorded member? I don’t hate the guy, I’m just saying that’s weird.”
  • “Whenever somebody tries to start shit at the Eye, things seem to go horribly wrong, and then the conflict just fizzles out. It’s almost like fate itself conspires against people who would fight on his territory.”

What he says:

Ashford Powell

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