Christine Dewalt

A professionally dressed woman in her 40's who has a pleasant demeanor, despite seeming perpetually exhausted.


Leader of the Sunshine Valley Mages
Shadow Name: Tanith
Path: Mastigos


Christine never seems to have enough time to do her work, but that’s in part because she’s perpetually shorthanded. Unlike her counterparts in the city, she neither has the advantage of space to do her work, or the protection of the accords to extend her reach farther than her refuge within Sunshine Valley. What she can offer is knowledge. Despite her lack of political influence, she gleans plenty of information from sleepers and supernaturally-aligned mortals moving between the suburbs and the city and seems to know far more than she has any right to. While she’s shrewd and cuts a hard deal, she’s generally more willing to trade information as she can use all the resources she can get.

What they say:

  • “She and Prince DeWalt are related. He’s her great-great-great-great grandfather, I hear, and he makes no secret of meeting with her. He’s probably her only information source.”
  • “I heard her telling a story once of a massive, psychic entity moving through the dreams of mortals. She was so casual about it, and honestly it was a little concerning that she didn’t find much of a problem with it.”
  • “Given the resources available to her, she’s a surprisingly gifted psychic, and knows more about all supernatural psychic phenomena than anyone else in the region. She’s definitely the person to ask if you have questions.”

What she says:

Christine Dewalt

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