Cynthia Clarke

An impeccably-dressed Chinese-American woman, who always seems to be on the move.


Rabble rouser of the Normanburg Agency
Incarnation/Agenda: Psychopomp/Saboteur


Cynthia has been the campaign manager for a number of local elections in recent years, and has earned a reputation for herself for both her top notch organizational skills and discretion when dealing with mishaps. This has also led to her collecting no small sum of dirty little secrets that she can occasionally lean on for leverage, should the need arise. Among demons, she’s primarily known for being the most vocal and prominent supporter of a change within the agency to a more open, supportive group in the style of a free agency. She doesn’t trust the hierarchy of the temporal agency to resist compromise from the machine, and believes that everyone would benefit more from support and cooperation than alliances and resources.

What they say:

  • “She’s leveraged the fact that she doesn’t have the accords tying her down to her advantage, and as a result she has her hands deep within city hall. She definitely knows a lot of influential people, and probably has plenty of sway over them to boot.”
  • “She goes on about making a free agency plenty, but she’s also pretty clearly in with the saboteur crowd. I bet you if she gets an inch she’ll take a mile and try to rally everyone into making the whole group Insurgent and declare war on the machine. I don’t think the city could handle that, and it’d definitely kill any chance we have of keeping hidden from the rest of the monsters in town”
  • “Ms Clarke is hands down the best campaign manager I’ve ever had. She did have a few odd rules, though… she’s pretty open most of the time but as soon as you start asking questions about how she’s moving things around or hushing people up the whole conversation falls apart. I’m… sure she has her reasons. I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth in an election year”

What she says:

Cynthia Clarke

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