Daria Burton


Promethean Ambassador to the Beasts
Family/Hunger: Anakim/Ravager


Though she tends to give the appearance of being unapproachable, she is remarkably friendly to other monsters and enjoys bonding over the shared experience of being supernatural in Normanburg. If any group in the city can be said to hold the strongest influence over the supernatural community, it is hers, and among them she’s the most ready and willing to branch out and work with people directly. So long as she recognizes you as family and you can see past her quirks, she is a ready and powerful ally.

What people say:

  • “She’s got some… weird opinions. I don’t think I’ve met anyone else in the city who’s so quick to just call herself and her friends monsters, and for someone who spends as much time with prometheans as she does she’s weirdly dismissive toward humanity as a whole”
  • “She spends a lot of time down in the areas of the sewers that most of the prometheans are afraid of. I asked her what was up with that and she just gave me this creepy, knowing smile.”
  • “There’s a really distinct subset of Prometheans that don’t like her at all, and another that seem to love her. The ones that really hate her are the ones who have the most control of the city, so honestly, it’s confusing why they ever signed onto the Accords in the first place considering how much they revile her.”

What they say:

Daria Burton

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