Dimitri Levingood

A man of European descent with a square jaw and stony face.


Leader of the Cerebrus Initiative
Threshold/Archetype: Silent/Gatekeeper


Dimitri isn’t somebody who you’d peg as a leader at all. He’s a small man, and appears rather meek. Nonetheless, he has a strange intensity about them, a commitment that’s unexpected from a man who seems so weak-willed. His krewe, the Cerebus Initiative, works closely with Normanburg mages. They have a sort of alliance and understanding, one which he argues allows his krewe to do better work. Befriending them is a sure way to also befriend the mages.

What they say:

  • “He had a sort of religious awakening when his Geist made him the Offer. Ask, and you’ll find that he believes God put him back on Earth, for some reason. He doesn’t even seem to think about it as much of a second chance as he sees it retribution.”
  • “He wasn’t exactly the nicest guy before his first death. He seems more moralistic now, but a lot of the city’s sin eaters seem very uneasy around him, if not at odds with him. I wonder what he did to get on their bad side.”
  • “While he never talks directly about his Geist, he has an astounding level of synergy with it that most sin eaters can only dream of—and he isn’t even going out doing strange, esoteric things like most have to do to keep their Geists happy. It makes a person wonder, sometimes.

What can he give:

Dimitri Levingood

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