Dorothy Fredrickson

Frazzled with matching dark hair and eyes. While always busy maintaining her underground settlement, she has a sort of softness about her.


Keeper of the Promethean settlement
Lineage/Refinement: Tammuz/Argentum


Dorothy has been running and maintaining the largest centralized settlement of prometheans in the country for the entirety of her pilgrimage. Her creator built a massive, carefully alchemically balanced hovel in the undercity decades ago and passed the knowledge along to her. She passed what she knew along to her own progeny, but after he left the city she was the only one left who knew how to keep everything running. As the keystone holding up the stability of the entire city’s promethean population, she has become the de facto leader of the group and one of the most respected occultists in the city on top of that.

What they say:

  • “She is almost near the end of her pilgrimage. But… she had a student once, and that student has long disappeared. Who’s going to care for the hovel when she steps down? What’s going to happen to us?”
  • “There’s people who are moving against her. I’m not sure why, since she’s the best thing that’s happened to this entire city. They seem to thwart any progress she tries to make, but why? All I know is that it seems to bother her more and more lately.
  • “She’s been spending more time on the surface lately, haven’t seen her like this since she was on the refinement of gold. She’s definitely preparing for something, but it could be anything from more contact with the rest of the magical community to becoming human and leaving the rest of us behind forever”

What she says:

Dorothy Fredrickson

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