Eva Dominguez


Leader of Waypoint:
Threshold/Archetype: Torn/Pilgrim


Eva Dominguez is a figurehead in the mundane and supernatural world alike. Her krewe has a handle on all spectral matters in the southwest district, which means that her krewe speaks for nearly a third of the city area in anything relating to ghosts. She finds time to volunteer for her local food bank and is head of her area’s neighborhood watch.
Those who know her personally recognize her as a sort of mama bear. She detests suffering in all forms and advocates to alleviate pain in people, alive or dead. She’ll tend to those who are in pain, connecting them with the resources they need.

What they say:

  • “Her husband was one of the last reputable workers in Southwest Shoal Harbor and was lost to an accident several years ago, leaving her only child fatherless. The humanitarian work she does is, in part, motivated by her grief.”
  • “I heard that she died trying to turn against somebody that was mugging another person. Ever since she came back, she’s been beating back crime, literally and figuratively. If she has her way, the southwestern district streets will be the safest place in town.”
  • “Her krewe came across something really big and really weird recently. They’re being very tight-lipped about it, but something tells me that whatever it is, it’s scary. They’ve reached out to the Dark Archive recently, so it has to be something really old and strange.”

What she says:

Eva Dominguez

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