Felicia Gates


Doctor at Normanburg University Healthcare
Affiliation: None


Felicia is an outspoken advocate for broad access to healthcare, and has put her immense talent toward providing community health services to everyone with her work at the local low-cost medical clinic. She also serves Normanburg’s supernatural community after-hours, believing that she has a duty to provide care to everyone. As such, she’s the person you go to if you need medical care but cannot have anybody asking questions. She only asks questions relevant to treating you, and she has a reputation of confidentiality.

What they say:
“* She’s got something beyond simple medical genius. Some of the stuff she pulls is downright miraculous. But, she always seems to do so at some great cost to her own health. There has to be something supernatural there.”
“* There’s some sort of supernatural benefactor that’s keeping her safe. I’m not sure she knows what they are, or that they even exist, but there’s no way she learns the things she does and keeps her memory and sanity intact.”

  • “She’s done so much work for the supernatural community as a whole that a huge swath of people owe her a lot of favors… wonder if she’ll continue doing her good work, or if she’ll ever decide to call those favors in.”

What she says:

Felicia Gates

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