Garrett Brooks


Former king of the Cave Court
Seeming/Kith: Darkling/Metalflesh


Normanburg’s criminal underground is his domain. While he doesn’t have power over every criminal in the city, he has a finger on the pulse of organized crime. He has a general idea of what’s going on, even for the gangs he doesn’t run or have an alliance with. As such, he’s the one you should talk to if you need to set foot inside that realm. Certainly, if you don’t find him first, he’ll find you eventually.

What they Say:

  • “You know, he’s a really unassuming person if you meet him. It doesn’t seem like he’d try to hurt a fly, and even if he did, he isn’t exactly rippling with muscle. Yet, I hear the last person who crossed him met a really untimely end.”
  • “He’s got safe houses all over the city, and they really are safe. In fact, I hear they’re some of safest places to be if everything goes to hell.”
  • “He and the sin eaters seem to have a really special relationship. Like, the sin eaters and he have a closer partnership than I’ve seen with anybody else. However it formed, he must have as direct a line of communication with him as any outsider can. I bet he knows a lot of things.”

What he says:

Garrett Brooks

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