George Berrye


CEO of Normanburg Financial


George is something of an enigma. He claims that he’s an energy vampire, though most people aren’t entirely sure of what that means. What people do know is that he’s old, and according to him older than most actual vampires. Unlike regular vampires though, George Berrye walks out in the sunlight, so his supernatural nature is something of a mystery. He is, however, a philanthropist, and he openly offers refuge and information to any psychic vampires who seek it.

What they say:
“He’s weirdly influential in the business sector, to the point where not even Prince DeWalt can touch him. Oddly enough, he doesn’t even seem to have the Prince’s animosity over it like I’d expect. Do they have an agreement or something?”
“He’s been in America forever. And when I say he’s been in America forever, I mean like since the colonial days. He must have some really interesting opinions after being here for that long.”
“He’s got some strange psychic powers that are oddly potent. Stuff even some top tier mages say is impossible. I didn’t even know impossible was a word they knew."

What he says:

George Berrye

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