Jianyu Zhang

A lanky man bordering on skin-and-bones whose dyed-gray hair and round, metal spectacles make him stand out from the crowd.


Leader of the Dark Archive
Threshold/Archetype: Forgotten/Necromancer

Jianyu’s Krewe has without question the most extensive knowledge of the underworld of anyone in the pacific northwest, a fact which most magi find infuriating. The group has been collectively researching and applying lore surrounding death and the dead for longer than most of its current members have been alive, and that’s counting from the first time they were alive. Among them, he’s the one primarily in charge of keeping the information safely stored away, and as such is the primary gatekeeper for anyone looking to dig up specialized knowledge on death and the dead.

What they say:

  • “His krewe studies ghosts and stuff, but this guy’s got some weird specialties with the undeath stuff. He’s been asking some weirdly invasive questions about vampires and prometheans, can’t help but get the sense he’s trying to pull something there…”
  • “The reason nobody can find their research material is that he’s not keeping it himself, they’ve got themselves some kind of crazy underworld library that they’re keeping there and they’re using whatever creepy monster shit that guards that to deter intruders, Bet they’ve got to pay a heavy price for that kind of service”
  • “He doesn’t talk about how he died much, but it did make the news. Apparently everyone thought it was an attempted suicide but… that doesn’t really make much sense with the threshold he says he’s got. Why’s he so tight lipped about it?

What he says:

Jianyu Zhang

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