Madeline McCollugh

An unhealthily thin girl with ashen skin and green eyes. While quiet, she has an intensity about her and an often-feral expression.


Robert Dewalt’s Ghoul


Madeline, or Maddie as she prefers, is barely 19 but carries herself like someone far older. It appears as if she had to grow up fast. Anyone with ties to the supernatural community knows that she’s been associated with the vampires at least for a year and a half, though she’s only been a ghoul for a few of months of that. Before that, she had the odd distinction of being one of the few mortals who petitioned and signed onto the accords, bewildering many since she was apparently only a normal human or unremarkable psychic at best. The vampires supported her through the process.

Things have grown stranger in the last year. Since becoming a ghoul, she often follows Prince Dewalt along to assist with his business. Her ties to the supernatural community have generated strange rumors, and if all rumors are true, she says some pretty strange things herself. Even before becoming a ghoul, Maddie was ferociously loyal to Normanburg’s vampires. Despite this, she seems conversational enough and will provide information that isn’t strictly trade secret.

What they say:

  • “Sometimes, when the vampires think they’re alone, I hear them talk about these weird shadow spirits that are like boogeymen to them. This ghoul, Maddie, her name comes up almost every time they talk about it. What kind of connection would a freshly minted ghoul have to something that scares even the older leeches?”
  • “Her family made some sort of blood pact with Prince Dewalt centuries ago, signing away the souls of their lineage to him. It’s not surprising that she’s in his employ, but it stands to question where the rest of her family is and what they’re doing.”
  • “She seems like a smart girl when you get to know her, but she’s just so odd. One minute, she’s off in her own head and the next, she’s spouting nonsense or making some strange assertion about conspiracies around town. I have no idea why Prince Dewalt humors her strange tendencies.”

What she says:
Mages: “Mages are… they’re the best and the worst, honestly. They’ll get you out of a pinch, but their obsessions are nearly suicidal. You’d think I’d learn not to get dragged into them.”
Sin-eaters: “Their insistence on policing the boundary between life and death reminds me of werewolves, just without the teeth and fur. Potentially useful allies, but tread with caution.”
Prometheans: “They’re hiding something. They’re so much dodgier about who trespasses in the underground that it can’t just be about territory.”

Madeline McCollugh

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