Maxine Montrose

A sharply-dressed middle-aged woman with shoulder-length brown hair frequently pulled back.


Leader of the Normanburg mages and signatory on the Accords
Shadow name: Citranitas
Path: Moros


What she can give you: Mages infrequently discuss their internal politics in mixed company, but she clearly has influence, and a sort of gravity about her personality. All of the mages within city limits look to her for some sort of guidance, and whenever there’s a dispute involving mages she’s almost always involved. By that token, anybody who wants assistance can go to her. She won’t give help freely, but if you enlist to help with an esoteric mystery she’ll repay in kind.

She’s also the chief scientific officer of Breakpoint, one of the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing companies in the region. As a result, has ties in the business world that get very close to vampire territory.

What they say:

  • “She’s friendly… like, really friendly. Like “company executive that goes to dives on the weekends to meet people friendly.” Weird.”
  • “She and Prince DeWalt have a very strange relationship. They don’t exactly seem to like one another, but they’re oddly genial. Word is that the game they play is bigger than a simple rivalry.”
  • “There’s stories people tell of her mentor, a good man who disagreed with her path. She was stubborn and didn’t heed his words. But, they say she carries the scars of their disagreements with her, even today.”

What she says:

Maxine Montrose

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