Nathan Manchester

A handsome young man with a healthy, olive skin tone, shining brown eyes, and dark hair.


Leader of the Backalley Boogeyman
Family/Hunger: Namtaru/Ravager
Public effects: Striking looks 2, advanced striking looks


Nathan belongs to a young brood whose hunger centers around feasting upon modern fears. To that end, Nathan fashions himself as a social predator, not unlike a vampire whose social capabilities and strange allure are equally feared and admired in human literature. He’s honed his social abilities to a fine point and has a knack for reading people that’s unparalleled. As such, he’s normally the go-to person if you need a good psychological read of a stranger, or just need somebody to navigate a murky social situation.

What people say:

  • “He did some favors for the mages a while back and they supposedly gave him this magic artifact for it. Don’t know what it is exactly, but he seems real happy to have it. From what I hear they’re only letting him hold onto it if he keeps working for them no questions asked”
  • “This guy’s got some… weird habits to him when he’s feeding. I saw him chatting up some girl once, she couldn’t look away the whole time. He took her into a back room and when she left she looked like she was about to throw her guts up all over the club. Weirdest part is that she came back the next day to meet up with him again for the same thing. Hell… weirder than that, I think I’m actually jealous of her.”
  • “His Brood is really on top of the whole ‘apex of fear’ thing, which doesn’t usually seem too bad until you hear about a body that turned up in their neighborhood with a seriously weird cause of death, or people going batshit crazy when one of them is around. What… exactly is it that these guys do when they feed?”

Nathan Manchester

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