Raleigh Holt

A clean-shaven, though somewhat plain looking man who's pale and sports striking blue eyes.


Religious leader and professor
Affliliation: The Enlightened Union of Panpsychists


Raleigh is especially esoteric, even for somebody who seems mortal. He studies occult principles, and as far as the mages can tell he’s psychic, but he hasn’t been entirely forthcoming with what exactly he is. He’s a professor at NBSU and can be found there even during his free time, and he offers an outsider’s view to the supernatural landscape, as he isn’t a member of the accords.

What they say:

  • “The group he’s with gets up to some really shady business. Weird raves, rituals requiring buckets of goat blood on the full moon… he claims that it’s all innocuous and entirely peaceful, but I’m not sure I believe him.”
  • “He’s some sort of shapeshifter. I don’t know what, but I hear he’s so good at it that he’s been able to spy on secretive exchanges across town. People are worried about it, too. Maybe he has enough material to blackmail us all.”
  • “I know a vampire in the other town over who said he worked for a guy by the same name way back in the 1960’s. This guy definitely doesn’t look that old. Could they still be the same person?”

What he says:

Raleigh Holt

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