Richard Grossman

A young, affluent man known for exuberant, drug-fueled outbursts.


Leader of the Normanburg Agency
Incarnation/Agenda: Messenger/Tempter


What he can give you: Richard, to the mortal world, is an extremely gullible trust fund baby who has achieved no small renown within criminal circles for being able to keep losing fantastic amounts of money and somehow never catch on to what’s happening. He’s always friendly, always ready to party, and always under the influence of some mind altering substance. For few who are aware of his nature, he is the leader of the only supernatural faction in the city that has the benefit of complete anonymity and an array of deep, subtle powers.

What they say:

  • “Richie’s a fuckin riot, especially when the party’s running low on energy. He’s always got a guy with a bit more… ya know, ‘energy’ on speed dial. Different guy comes every time, how many dealers does this guy know?”
  • “I saw him partying with some guys at a frat house and he took his shirt off. Those lines that kinda stick out under his sleeve? Weirdest set of tattoos I’ve ever seen, goes all the way up his back and around the back of his neck, probably why he keeps that stupid mullet”
  • “He’s not human. I don’t know what he is, haven’t been able to get any kind of magic vibe off of him, but I saw him pull a cord out from behind his hair and plug it into some girl he was with. No idea what the deal was there but it didn’t look like something that’d be healthy to look into more”

What he says:

Richard Grossman

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