Sandra Dumont

A brunette with pale skin, often with tussed hair. She sports a steady gaze to match her solid, athletic frame.


Alpha of the Night Whispers pack
Auspice/Tribe: Elodoth/Iron Masters


Sandra has had her finger on the pulse of the city since she’s come to town, though she doesn’t carry the kind of power or influence others have in town she does have an understanding with nearly every major spirit in the city, and keeps close track of who among the supernatural community is pulling which strings at any given time, owing largely to the distrust she has of the other members of the accorded alliance.

What they say:

  • “She hates the accords, everyone knows that, but I hear she’s getting to the point where she’s willing to break off of Don’s protection for the sake of getting out of it. Might not be the worst idea, I know my pack’s probably gonna be first in line behind her if she ever does”
  • “For all the talk of oaths and honor, she seems pretty lukewarm on the changelings. She can’t talk about it, but the word is that she got bound into a pretty tight oath when she came into town that she’s never been able to shake. Wonder what she’s been sworn to?”
  • “They don’t call them the Night Whispers for nothing, I bet these guys are the ones behind a lot of the conflicts between groups when one finds out secrets about the other. Makes sense, given how much she hates the accords to begin with”

What she says:

Sandra Dumont

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