Sierra Nestor

Willowy, athlethic, and somewhat meek. She appears to be in her early 20s and dyes her hair strange colors to match her purple-blue bichromatic eyes.


Bartender at Incognito
Public stats: Allies 2 (Prometheans); Retainer 2 (Spiderbee); Major Glitch (Unnatural bichromatic eyes, one blue and one purple)


She’s excitable, curious, and always on the move. Sierra is not an accorded member in town and spends a lot of time at the Eye of the Storm, despite the fact that she seems cautious or even scared around things that are bigger than her. She has positive relationships with the Promethean community at large, but it seems like for now at least they see her as too much of a liability to sponsor on the accords.

Anybody who’s been around the block long enough knows that she’s accompanied by a strange monster. She calls him Spiderbee affectionately, and the name is suited to him to a tee. Those sensitive to Aether and the workings of the god machine may recognize Spiderbee as a cryptid.

What they know:

Urban Explorer and Guide: She’s guided people through the Undercity on more than one occasion. The Prometheans like her enough to allow she and allies to pass without any more than a question of what they’re doing that day. She seems to like it down there, despite several near-death experiences, and she treats the Prometheans as friends in kind.

Cryptid Hunter: She claims to have psychic abilities that allow her to influence animals, and as such she goes hunting for the strange supernatural creatures that haunt all the places man was not meant to go. Often, she says that she’s researching the creatures that make Promethean life harder, and seems to try to direct them away from the populated parts of the Undercity when she can.

Demon-blooded: (AGENCY DEMONS ONLY) She’s regarded as something of an unfortunate charity case among Normanburg’s agency. Whoever her parents were, they never clued her into her heritage. She’s convinced she’s stigmatic, and nobody tells her otherwise.

What they say:

  • I’m a quote! – Person
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What she says:

  • Vampires: “They’re… is it rude to say unnerving? I’ve talked to a few at the Eye of the Storm, and especially for some of the vampires in charge, they just have this aura about them that makes me uncomfortable.”
  • Prometheans: "Just like any other person, trying to go about life. Some of them aren’t people-people, but that’s fine by me. They let me walk free underground, and that’s the most important thing, in the end.
  • Demons: “Sometimes I feel like they don’t know what it’s like, being so small. They wrap themselves up so much in avoiding the machine that they forget or cease to care about what awful things It does to humans. Still… they’re about as close to family as they can be. I can’t fault them for it too much.”

Sierra Nestor

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