The Seer

A gaunt, pale ghost of a man whose clothes are dirty from perpetual skulking in and around the darkest reaches of the city.


Self-proclaimed Promethean messiah
Lineage/Refinement: Extempore/Centimani


The Seer is not popular among most of the prometheans, but does have the distinction of having both the ear of Daria Burton, of the Legacy Brood, and a slowly growing following even among prometheans of other refinements. His rhetoric seems to change from week to week, but he styles himself as having an unfiltered insight into deep magical truths of the world, and has supposedly performed miracles of alchemy that nobody has ever seen before. He’s friendly enough, though a little unnerving because unlike other prometheans, he has no aspirations of humanity. He wholeheartedly argues that there’s nothing wrong with who he is now, so why should he (or any other promethean) aspire to be different.

What they say:

  • “Those weird alchemy miracles he does? Not alchemy. At least not promethean alchemy. Weird as it gets there are some things Pyros just doesn’t do. He’s got to be getting his power from somewhere else”
  • “You know those deep tunnels all the prometheans are afraid of? Yeah, he lives there. Down with shit that likes eating prometheans, and according to him that’s not all he’s found down there. Good luck finding out what the deal is yourself, though, he’s got all kinds of crazy shit protecting the deepest layers of the city”
  • “He looks scary disgusting, but I’ve seen pictures of him from before he went all… centimanus-y. Weird thing is that I see someone who looks just like that walking around the surface sometimes. Never asked about it, but I’m pretty damn sure his creepiness has an off button and he’s been using it to do something under everyone else’s nose”

What he says:

The Seer

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