Anthony Juarez

A young, bright eyed latino man with a fox tail keychain hanging from his belt


King of the Forest Court
Seeming/Kith/Court: Fairest/Blightbent/Forest
Mien: Beneath the mask, Tony seems insubstantial, as if he’s a cloud of smoke. Insubstantial, ephemeral, and pleasant-smelling like incense.


Anthony only just recently acquired the fox tail that gives him the right to rule over the city (which the changelings still maintain makes perfect sense), and even some changelings still haven’t gotten the memo that he’s the one in charge now. He is still determining who he trusts with what among his friends and advisors. Anyone who gets on his good side could find themselves massively influential in changeling matters, for as long as he can maintain his rule.

What they say

  • “Tony’s running the show now? What the hell? I mean, he’s a good kid and I guess a fairest but I don’t think he’s really cut out for leadership. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, enough people decide his attitudes a problem, and they will, and there’s no way he can hold that tail for long”
  • “He got the crown from agatha. Kids been around the block a few times but there’s no fuckin way he did that by himself. He got help from another group of magic folks, and I guarantee ya they’re still holding it over his head”
  • “There’s been some contention between him and the beasts lately, dunno what it’s about but he’s been a bit pissy with them ever since he took up the tail. The changelings have been acting weirder lately too, I hear they might be gearing up to leave the accords and go to war”

What he says

  • Vampires: “They’ve gotten so used to acting like they’re in charge that I think they’ve started believing it. Fine by me, but when they start convincing people in my freehold it I gotta take issue.”
  • Werewolves: “We’ve got enough bloodthirsty shit on four legs, thanks.”
  • Mages: “I inherited this list of the ones that we’re still good to make deals with. It’s… not long. Might want to check on that.”

Anthony Juarez

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