Wen Shi

A diminutive woman with chin-length black hair and dark, expressive eyes. She rarely speaks, but is not meek.


Surviving member of the Red Line pack
Auspice/Tribe: Cahalith/Storm Lords


Wen is in a unique position among the city’s werewolves. A few years ago, the rest of her pack went missing. Previously, she and the rest of her pack, known as the Red Line, were in search of… something. They claimed that their totem spirit forbade them from speaking of it. Whatever they were hunting for, most presume now that it was very dangerous and is the reason for Red Line’s disappearance. Wen doesn’t seem to understand why her pack disappeared, and is always a noticeably quiet sort of person. She rarely answers questions directly, and often says that she cannot speak of it when confronted directly. Yet, she is the key to the mystery of the Red Line, and anybody hoping to investigate it starts with her.

What they say:

  • “She had a packmate, Nicolas, who was the most excellent storyteller. She and Nicolas were close friends, and I believe that he left many of his best stories to her. I’ll have to ask her if she knows any, sometime.”
  • “Before the whole ordeal with the Red Line happened, she was the loveliest singer. That’s what made she and Nicolas such a good combination. Since they disappeared, she hasn’t once sung. Rumor has it that she goes to the edge of the city to sing on the night of the new moon. Nobody I know has seen that, though.”
  • “It took me a while to believe that she didn’t know anything, but I’ll contend that she’s as in the dark about what happened to them. It’s clear if you talk to her that she’s still grieving for her loss. I heard from a friend that her packmates abandoned her before their last great hunt, and disappeared immediately after. I think she knows that, and it pains her greatly.”

Wen Shi

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