Xander Drake

A very thin, very tall dark-skinned man who listens more often than he speaks.


Resources specialist of the Normanburg Agency
Incarnation/Agenda: Analyst/Inquisitor/Saboteur


Xander is the intelligence specialist within the Normanburg Agency, and as a result he has one of the largest repositories of data in the entire city. Xander has an outsider’s perspective, as he’s never been a member of the accords, but for those who know to ask, his perspective is valuable.
The mortal Xander that the world knows is a former government intelligence specialist who now freelances with companies that work with sensitive data. He knows exactly how systems fit together, and how to break them down.

What they say:

  • “He’s got a steady stockpile of resources that’d hold over even the most paranoid of conspiracy theorists straight through the apocalypse. Is he preparing for something.”
  • “His dealings with information go far beyond data and he has more informants around the city than anybody rightly should. In fact, he has people who are feeding him information from the accorded factions themselves. He might have more information about the supernatural landscape as a whole than anyone in the city.”
  • “So I looked into this guy, yeah? He’s got a background with the government, but his name pops up in all kinds of weird places. I see him talking to random, shady people around town sometimes too, I bet he’s still in on some kind of government conspiracy stuff and this is all part of his assignment”

What he says:

Xander Drake

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