Yasmin Ahmad

A Middle Eastern woman with long-braided hair and an olive complexion. She stands tall and confident, and has an eclectic style of dress.


Leader of the dissidents
Clan/Covenant: Mekhet/Carthian Movement


Normanburg’s vampires are restless. Without the appropriate amount of territory for the growing population, and without the support of a prince who’s too worried about maintaining political ties with the accords to make decisions that truly prioritize the vampires under his rule, there’s a growing faction that is less than pleased with the amount of power Prince DeWalt has. Yasmin is among them, and has garnered widespread support among dissidents as a result of her intelligence and outspoken positions. She’s tired of what she claims to be an outdated political system, and as she sees food sources dwindle, she calls all of Normanburg’s vampires to adapt or die.

What they say:

  • “Nobody really knows quite how old she is. Certainly, her beast is strong within her, but… I’ve never quite been able to figure out when she was embraced, and her modern sentiments suggest she’s much younger than she appears.”
  • “It’s really obvious that she’s outspokenly feminist, which on its own isn’t too odd. What is strange is that she apparently attends rallies and town hall meetings about human political issues. She has to have ulterior motives for doing that. It does seem to come awfully close to the ban on working city hall”
  • “She’s part of this really strange, really secretive bloodline that can trace it’s roots back to ancient Mesopotamia. She’s something of a black sheep of her bloodline, having forsaken her sire to abandon tradition and move to Normanburg.”

What she says:

Yasmin Ahmad

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